Thule Roof Racks & Accessories…

Solid, dependable and able to fit almost any car, Thule roof racks are as sturdy as can be. Whether you prefer a Square Bar, Aero Bar, Professional Bar, Slide Bar, Wing Bar or Thule’s new Wing Bar Edge, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you and your gear will get from A to B in style. And with the time saving T-Track on the Aero, Professional, Slide and Wing Bars, you can switch from one adventure to the next by simply sliding a new load on and taking off.

Thule is a world leader in sports utility transportation. If you are planning to transport things on the roof of your car then Thule offer a complete range with a host of exceptional features for practically any make of car.

The length of the roof bar is determined by the width of your car. However, for most of Thule’s load carrier systems you can choose between square bars, elegant aluminium bars such as the aero bar or the new Wing Bar which is the quietest roof bar on the market, the innovative new Slide bar or the Professional bar. The aluminium bars are lighter, more aerodynamic, and have a T-track that allows you to use the full width of the roof bars for fitting load accessories.