Returns Policy

While Auto Extra offer free delivery to any address in Australia for any roof rack system and/or accessory purchased online, we would like you to be very sure of the system you want. Once you purchase online and we send the goods out to you, if you happen to change your mind about your purchase then there will be some fees involved.

In the event of a return, the charges that you will incur will be the cost of the freight for the roof rack system and/or accessories to be sent from you to us, and the cost of the freight for the new roof rack system and/or accessories to be sent to you.

So please choose wisely!

Warrantees & Guarantees

Rhino Rack warrants the following products manufactured by Rhino Rack will be free from any manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship for the following periods from the date of purchase:

  • Lifetime for roof racks (Lifetime warranty applies on all Euro, Heavy Duty and Vortex cross bar systems and does not apply to Pioneer and other roof tray products);
  • 1 year for products made from textile and fabric, locks and electrical components;
  • 3 years for steel (ferrous) products and components; and
  • 5 years for all other products.

How long should my roof rack last?

When properly taken care of, your roof racks should last for a long number of years. Rhino Rack offers a lifetime warranty on all Euro, Heavy Duty and Vortex cross bar systems; 1 year for products made from textile and fabric, locks and electrical components; 3 years for steel (ferrous) products and components; and 5 years for Pioneer and all other products.

Are roof racks noisy?

In some instances the fitting of roof racks can alter the aerodynamics of the vehicle, and it would be physically impossible for them to not make some small wind noise. However in many cars we find the road noise from the tyres are louder than the roof racks themselves. If the noise is bothering you, lots of roof racks are fairly simple to take off when they’re not being used.

How much weight can I carry on my roof racks?

When calculating how much weight you can carry on your vehicle the best way is to consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific carrying capacities. This can also be determined by the style and brand of roof rack.

How can I stop my roof racks from being stolen?

Many roof racks come standard with security locking devices such as a barrel and key. If the roof racks don’t have a locking end cap or foot, then there is a special security tool which is needed to remove the roof racks.

Will the roof racks scratch my car?

When properly installed to a clean vehicle roof, the roof rack will not scratch or cause any type of damage to your vehicle. It is recommended that you remove the roof racks and periodically clean the area to prevent the possibility of any surface damage from dust or road grime build ups.

If I drill holes in my roof will it rust and leak?

Due to the fact that most vehicles come new out of the factory these days without rain gutters, the permanent track & pad mount systems are the only option for some vehicles. By using the roof rack manufacturers recommended mounting positions the racks are carefully aligned on the roof and the location of the mounting holes are marked. These holes are drilled to a safe depth and all waste metal filings are removed from the surrounding areas; which is highly important. These holes are coated with a special anti-corrosion sealant. The tracks or mounting pads are riveted to the roof using a specially formed self-sealing alloy rivet. This is a self-sealing rivet in design, preventing water penetration. So the cleaning process, the anti corrosion sealant application and the design of the self sealing rivet all ensure absolutely no corrosion and no leaks.

Do I need to drill holes to attach a roof rack to my vehicle?

Unless you are mounting a permanent style system, there is no drilling required. But don’t be scared of this process, Auto Extra have 15 years experience in fitting’s professional installers have been expertly trained.

Do I need tools to install my roof racks?

Most roof racks don’t require special tools to fit them to your vehicle. If tools are required, they are usually included with the kit, this is usually as simple as an Security Tool or Allen Key. If you don’t want to or aren’t confident to do the fitting yourself then Auto Extra are more than happy to fit them for you.

Will I get leaks in my vehicle from the roof racks?

When properly installed, roof racks will not cause leaking on the vehicle. All manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that this won’t happen. When a roof rack has to be permanently mounted onto a vehicle, Auto Extra take great care in ensuring that everything is fitted carefully and correctly, using a special sealant which prevents corrosion and stops the elements from getting into the cabin.

Vehicles with Factory Roof Rails

More and more wagons and lately a growing number of 4WD’s have been released with factory rails that run down the length of the vehicle’s roof as an option from the manufacturer. In order to make the roof rack work, rail bars will need to be added to the factory rails. Alternatively on some vehicles, the factory rails can be removed to install roof rack systems directly to the roof.

Vehicles with Factory Anchor Points

Some gutter less vehicles have factory anchor points within the roof trim on the vehicle, which makes for extreme ease of installation.

Vehicles without Rain Gutters

These types of vehicle have no fittings on the roof which roof racks can attach to. The foot of the roof rack for this type of vehicle sits on a rubber pad that rests on the roof and has a black metal strap which clips around the door returns and holds the roof rack onto the vehicle. The bars are made to the correct length to suit the vehicle, the feet are all the same and the straps are very vehicle specific. This special fit is required because of the different profile of the door return that each vehicle has. For wagons and 4WD’s that fall into this category a permanent track mount system has been a very popular choice. The 3 door hatch vehicle’s have little to no mounting points, so a permanent pad mount is the best option to go for.

Vehicles with Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are raised sections that run along the length of the top section of the sides of your vehicle. There are fewer and fewer of these vehicles being made these days. The roof racks that attach to rain gutters can be moved anywhere along the length of the gutter that they are required.

What Are The Best Roof Racks To Get For My Vehicle?

Roof racks are made to work on a majority of the vehicles that make up Australia’s car parc, however there are specific types of roof racks for specific models of vehicles. Below is a list of different styles to help you determine which roof rack will work best with your vehicle and carrying needs.

What are the benefits of Buying Online?

When choosing and purchasing a roof rack online, you can be safe in the knowledge that Auto Extra use the most secure method of online payments, SSL, direct into our bank account. This means that Auto Extra never has to see your bank account or credit card details to ensure a very discreet transaction.

Auto Extra also offer free delivery for ANY roof rack system or accessory purchased online to ANY address in Australia. So it’s as simple as picking your roof racks, typing in your details and paying for them. No worries!